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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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bart says they have increased patrols in oakland after dozens of teenagers terrorized riders over the weekend. listen to the train operator here. >> i had maybe 30 kids board my train, beat up someone, rob them, then run off the train. >> this happened at 9:30 on saturday night at the coliseum station. police say the teenagers invaded a station and then ran on board a train taking purses, wallets, cell phones from passengers. >> the moment the doors open, they jumped on board and they committed seven robberies. six specifically on the train cart itself, one on the platform. >> two passengers were punched in the face and treated by paramedics for head injuries. so far police have received no reports of guns or other weapons being used. news about what happened spread quickly among bart riders today. >> i have been coming to this station for a long time for years. never knowing anything like that to happen.
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you know, there is no fear, but i'm not going to keep coming. hopefully it won't happen to me. >> investigators are examining surveillance video as they search for the teenager responsible. bart says the robberies took place in less than 30 seconds with a group leaving the car before the doors closed. >> it appears the deadly shooting at two caltrans workers in humboldt today was a murder suicide. it happened around 7:00 this morning at a caltrans facility in rio del about 28 miles south. chp says there appears to have been a work dispute between a caltrans worker and asupervisor. and then turned the gun on himself. the highway patrol said the workers were a part of a painting crew. governor brown offered his condolences and says flags at the state capitol will be flown at half staff in honor of that supervisor who died. a man from petaluma is under arrest tonight for the
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attempted kidnapping of a woman at the cal hollow neighborhood in san francisco. witnesses say the man put a bag over the woman's head and then tried to drag her into his car. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us he might have gotten away from it if not for a group of bystanders. >> reporter: san francisco police arrest a man who crashed his car in petaluma after a high-speed chp chase on sunday evening. officers believe he's the suspect who tried to kidnap a woman the day before as she was walking home from her work shift in the marina. around 9:00 p.m. the man who appeared to be in his hos place add black bag over the victim's head and dragged her to his car. >> on the 2800 block we have an assault, it was an attempted kidnapping. the female walking down the sidewalk. >> reporter: that's when neighbors stepped in to help. one man was sitting in his car watching the attempted kidnapping unfold, so he began honking his horn several times. neighbors ran outside to intervene and ultimately the woman was able to break free
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and get away. >> thankfully due to the actions of great samaritans who came to the aide of the victim. >> reporter: police say the victim a 31-year-old woman did not know her alleged attacker. >> we were shockerred as neighbor would be that sort of thing is going on in our neighborhood. >> reporter: she lives across the street from where the attempted kidnapping happened. >> we walk here alone at time all the time. i never imagined to even worry about that. >> reporter: based on testimony and surveillance footage, investigators put out an alert, able to track the suspect's car in the north bay less than 24 hours. this comes just one month after another kidnapping in west portal. police were able to pinpoint the suspect in just hours. sfpd has a message for anyone who has a message. >> you'll get the attention of the 2100 member of the san francisco police department.
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and we will stop at nothing to find you and stop you. >> reporter: in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. tonight the state of arkansas carried out the nation's first back-to-back execution since the year 2000. two inmates received lethal injections on the same bed three hours away. jones was executed for a 1995 rape and murder. marcel williams was executed for a 1997 kidnapping, robbery, rape, and murder. arkansas hopes to carry out eight executions this month before its lethal injection drugs expire. four executions have been staged. one was carried out last thursday and another set for thursday. president trump's symbolic 100-day mark in office is this saturday. but that milestone could be remembered for a government shutdown. both republicans and democratic lawmakers have been insisting for weeks a shut down could be avoided. gnaw is before the white house demanded any spending bill -- but that was before the white
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house demanded any spending bill. >> and the wall is immoral, expensive, unwise. when the president says, well, i promise a wall during my campaign, i don't think he said he would pass billions of dollars of cost to the world onto the taxpayers. >> there are indications tonight the president is softening that stance telling conservative journalists he could wait until the next budget round in september for his border wall funding. now to the south bay where we are learning more about a malfunction theyfected san jose's 911 system -- malfunctioned affecting some san francisco 911 systems. as ann rubin found out, the outage started with an upgrade. >> reporter: in a place where cars are a matter of life or death, seconds matter. >> when you're going number one, you want a response right now. to experience this delay is not good. >> reporter: on sunday, callers at their dispatch center were
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complaining the delays were long, really long. >> and they were not working for two hours yesterday afternoon. >> it all started with a plan utility upgrade to their building. they knew it was coming and they switch today a backup 911 system. but when that wasn't working properly, they were forced to switch to a secondary backup. san jose police tweeted to try a different number if callers couldn't get through the fear some people didn't. they don't know of any serious consequences right now, but that may change as they investigate. they are not sure what caused the problem, but they would like answers. >> we take this seriously. this is an opportunity for us to win there and to work on those black marks and those wires to make sure the system is doing what they are suppose to be doing and so that we can take steps as appropriate to reduce the risk of this occurring in the future. >> reporter: dispatchers were able to return to their primary 911 system about 10:30 last night. in san jose ann rubin ktvu fox
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2 news. new at 11:00, police in petaluma are looking far man suspected of going on a graffiti spree. surveillance cameras captured these images on sunday. he spray paint add dozen businesses, three cars, and various signs along washington street. and among the words he sprayed, they were furry and cruel. a controversial bill in san francisco is meant to create a three-tear system for their sex offender registry. scott wiener of san francisco is proposing sex offenders be registered based on the seriousness of their crime and the risk they pose to others. reporter dana griffin explains what the new system could look like. >> reporter: california has over 100,000 people registered as sex offenders. >> law enforcement can't use it when the list is so long. >> reporter: scott weaner of san francisco hopes to reform the registry and adopt a tear system that -- tier system for sex predators remaining on the list for the rest of their
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lives. tier two, serious or violent sexoffenders must register for 20 years. tier one would be for misdemeanors. >> if they live a clean life for 10, 20, even 30 years, there's no point in keeping them on the registry. >> reporter: under the plan tier one and two offenders could petition to have their chances moved. but it's a sensitive subject. >> my son was 10½ when he was abducted and murdered. >> reporter: her son christopher meyer was kidnapped and killed bacon bay -- by a convicted sex offender. she believes they do not make it easier to remove certain defenders from the list. >> i know there are people on the system that shouldn't be. and let's take it down a notch and slow down before we push things too fast. >> reporter: sb 421 a support from victim groups like the los
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angeles district attorney. they want a more effective system. focusing on the tension, the highest risk of defenders. >> when you have a child that is kidnapped and you're trying to solve the crime quickly, you should be able to look for suspects. >> under the bill, no one is automatically removed from the list and the court can deny any petitions. if approved, the legislation would take effect on january 1. hundreds of muslims gathered in sacramento today. it was the 6th annual muslim day at the state capital. including the proposed travel ban. one state lawmaker expressed his support for the muslim community as they try to navigate white house policies. >> if donald trump is going after the muslim community t is our responsibility as legislatures to say mr. trump, you're going to have to come through us. >> organizers say this year's
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turnout at the state capital was larger than in year's past due largely to the election of donald trump as president trump. warriors are moving on to the next round of the nba playoffs. >> they sweep the blazers and in round one. >> reporter: this is the scene in portland about an hour ago. they started fast and opened up a 20-point lead in the first quarter and they never looked back. game four turned into a blowout win. with it the warriors will sweep the opening round series with the trail blazers. final score tonight 128-103. mark will be here in a few minutes with more. he said all five warriors scored double figures including kevin durant back in action following his calf injury. warriors will now move on to plait winners of the clippers and the jazz series. another tech giant is making plans to move some of their employees to oakland. oracle signed a six-year lease downtown. they announced the move, they will occupy 16,000 square feet
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of space and on the 17th floor of the high-rise. 1330 broadway. tmg says the locational beating were convenient for east bay employees. not to mention offering spectacular views. a legal battle over free speech. the lawsuit filed against cal over their speech on thursday by ann coulter. it shows you how off the rail our college campuses have gone. and elton john cancels a series of shows. the serious illness that sent him to the hospital. clouds, clouds, more clouds. maybe a sprinkle or two and then 80s. we'll see you back here with your five-day forecast.
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uc berkeley is bracing for a new challenge to free speech for conservative commentator ann coulter makes good on her appearance on thursday. as ktvu paul chambers reports, the university also faces a lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against conservative speakers. >> reporter: some are calling it the calm before the storm. right now it is business as usual for students. however in a few days when ann coulter comes and gives a speech, some fear this will give a fear. for february 1, tens of thousands of dollars in damage was done to the campus. as a peaceful protest against commentator milo yiannopoulos turned violent. yiannopoulos didn't get a
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chance to say a word to the crowd. >> not feeling so legitimate in this country. >> reporter: that is why the young america foundation and berkeley republicans filed a lawsuit against the university. saying school officials violated their rights to free speech. when they moved the date the controversial speaker is scheduled to talk. >> the more we restrict people from speaking on this campus the more detrimental it will be to the campus. >> reporter: they couldn't guarantee safety and security forget vent. they later reversed that decision saying coulter could speak, but on a different day. and that did not fit well with the organizers and their lawyer. >> it allows university administrators unilaterally to declare a speaker a, "high- profile speaker." and then to determine that it is permissible to restrict the time, manner, and place where
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that speaker will be allowed to speak. >> reporter: the allegation contained in a complaint is untrue. uc berkeley has been working to accommodate a mutual agreeable time from coulter's visit. they remain committed to doing so. the campus seeks to ensure all members of the berkeley and larger communities including ms coulter herself remains safe. still, the university needs to practice what they preach when it comes to free speech. >> it would be very dangerous, but because of the free speech movement, at home and the atmosphere that we like to promote, it wouldn't be fair to bar her from coming. >> reporter: she is scheduled to speak here on thursday. the question is where exactly will that happen? in berkeley i'm paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. former %snzqzzpresidential candidate bernie sanders is surprising a lot of people by defending ann coulter in her
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effort to speak at cal. the senator from vermont said, quoting here, "what are you afraid of, her ideas? ask her the hard questions, confront her intellectually." booing people or intimidating people or shutting down events, i don't think it works in any way. late this afternoon i spoke to ann coulter and she told me she was not surprised by his show of support. >> up until recently every american would say that. >> but it is nice to see there bernie sanders, someone on the complete opposite side is saying let her speak. ask her hard questions. >> yes, and i'm also saying that is a great stigma, but he is far from alone. the girls on the view. chris matthews, margaret carlson, their panels. pretty much the entire left wing outside college campuses.
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it shows you how off the rail they have begun and if there is any place. just in the abstract, colleges are places where they are suppose to have free dialogue. and in this particular moment in time. >> our team has posted more of our interviews with ann coulter on the ktvu youtube page. new at 11:00, marin county police officers are start carrying a life saving drugs. officers in san rafael, central marin, and fairfax will carry the narcan drug. the program is in partnership with the marin county health department, which says opioid overdose is the nation's leading cause of accidental death. elton john has canceled his april and may shows at caesar's palace in las vegas after he was hospitalized. he contracted a rare and bacterial infection after his tour in south america and
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became violently ill on his flight home from chile. he was admitted to the hospital when he returned home to england. elton john has now decided to call off all of his las vegas shows on his million dollar piano tour as well as next month's scheduled concert in bakersfield. some high temperatures today, certainly below what you might expect for this time of the year. i mean 65 in fairfield. 65 in antioch with tomorrow's highs warmer than these. 63 in santa rosa. well below the average at this time of the year. we're in late april now. we're not far from may. we are looking at a jet stream that's set up like this. with their sights set on the pacific northwest where it will miss us. but we are down here and right in there we will see what we saw today with more clouds and maybe a sprinkle. maybe some sun. but mild temperatures. this will last through wednesday. and tomorrow we will see more sunshine and what will be real nice and it will still be on
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the cooler side in the mid-60s, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, very cloudy and what will happen for those days. as we look outside, you can see them and how they are all set up. they will pop in there with some clearing. and tomorrow a little breezy, partly cloudy and sunny and wednesday more of the same. literally a chance for a sprinkle in each one of these segments, but it is not enough to change your plans. they shouldn't have any impacts on their commute. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, some activity to the north partly cloudy. then tomorrow afternoon, that's the deal. that's tomorrow. the dynamics are all here. they need -- then on wednesday morning it gets a little further south and that is next wednesday morning. and then wednesday afternoon. wednesday should be the most cloud cover and serving an on deal. but in the mountains getting some snow and rain too. west of nevada. they would get snow today and
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tomorrow and thursday, light snow. thursday, temperatures are really going to begin to start moving up. >> okay. >> thursday, friday, saturday, sunday you'll see that in your five-day forecast. warmer. temperatures 67 in morgan hill and gilroy and your seven-day forecast just like that. it will pop sunday in there for you as well. the weekend looks good. we'll see some lower 80s show up for your bay area weekend. >> yes, a big problem. we had a good weekend this weekend. and maybe a sprinkle on wednesday. our best bet again. but by thursday it is back to spring. >> all right, sounds good. thank you, bill. a scary situation, all caught on dash cam video in arkansas. look at this here. the video shows a 4-year-old girl. watch closely. she's falling out of the back door of a passenger van. holy cow as it was driving along a busy road. a volunteer firefighter and licensed emt just happened to be driving behind the bus at the time where they were able to quickly help out the little girl who ended up suffering a broken jaw. but her mom says she is expected to make a full
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recovery. >> oh my gosh. >> and the person, her mom driving the car, she had no idea she fell out of the back. >> just as a parent if you see something like that. wow. >> the emt was right there. >> yes, thank goodness she is okay. >> sports is coming up next. warriors go for the sweep against the trail blazers in portland. mark is going to show us how they did. >> and our on ktvu facebook page. three sixth graders honored by police. see how they helped officers catch a burglary suspect.
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mark in with sports. it just seems like the warriors and the cavaliers are headed for a collision course. >> yup, the nba trilogy, you know. you feel for portland just a little bit. >> especially tonight. >> demoralizing from the get go. warriors outscored them in this series by some 72 points. never let them think for a moment they had a shot of this thing and then k.d. around to just add the exclamation point on things. he went 20 minutes, scored ten points. didn't look overly aggressively offensive. but yeah, he made that look pretty easy as they get off to a 14-0 lead and it only gets worse for portland. klay thompson with the three working here, catch and shoot. 18 points. it was 25-5 and the beat goes on, draymond green up top.
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javale mcgee, it's becoming a regular highlight every night. and that will just make it look routine. and they lead 43-16. steph starts heating it up behind the back. and they pop it up. looking real good right away. steph curry lined up with 37 points. now watch how deep he is with that one and in the stands. even his dad was kind of amazed at that as he just kind of, well, shakes his head and he says yeah, yeah, i don't know how he does it, it must have been his mom's side of the family, right? and there is kevin durant who did come back for his first game against the tweaked calf, but he was thinking about coach steve kerr. >> you could tell he was still hurting a bit. you know, but that is how unselfish he is and he should be a little more selfish with
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his time and, you know, with his body, but he wants to be around the group. i'm glad we got to hear his voice in the locker room and practice and stuff like that, but we are just hoping he gets better. we pray he gets better, we've all got his back. >> all right, before the game tonight, we saw a somewhat contrite and apologetic madison bumgarner talking about his dirt bike accident. you're thinking can, can we just turn the page and something good happens to the san francisco giants? another breath of fresh air is arriving. out of the minors to make some nice plays here and the ball was lined off of matt cain's foot and the youngster comes up to make a nice play. cain, by the way in the 6th inning, giving up two hits, no runs, with the giants leading 1- 0. and comes through with a two out 0-2 pitch single right back up at this time of the diamonds. all for a 2-0 lead. come the top of the 9th, mark melancon protecting a 2-1 lead.
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justin turner asleep at the wheel picked up by buster posey, beautifully done by mark melancon and company happy as the giants break a four-game losing streak. 2-1. so a good night for bay area sports teams and the a's were off. we were not ignoring them. >> okay, all right. >> and thanks for joining us tonight. coming up next modern family. >> we'll see you later. >> good night. have assembled.
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